Water Taxi Passenger Boats

Passenger 17M boat, 30 to 78 persons Meets Jones Act Requirements Pricing and Space

Main Equipment

  • 500L fuel tank with guage
  • nav lights
  • bilge pump
  • battery
  • top fly-bridge with s/s rails
  • up open Aluminum alloy door
  • wood and soft decoration in cabin
  • Wood floor
  • Lights in cabin
  • CD player


  • Priced Turn Key from: US$350,510/boat with U.S.C.G. certification or CE Mark / Reduced Price for sales outside the U.S.A. and Europe / Includes Deliver Worldwide - Excludes Destination Charges
  • Model: passenger 17m boat
  • length: 17M
  • width: 4m
  • weight: 8500kg
  • Engine: Inboard diesel model or outboard engine model.
  • Max passenger seats: 70,or if with toilet room:66..(include flybridge 15)
  • diesel inboard engine 2x205kw
  • Speed: 40km/h.(21kn)

Optional Equipment

  • Boat hull without inboard engine or outboard model without engine and without decoration:US$150,800.00/boat.
  • If put 2x270HP diesel inboard (Mercury QSD4.2ES270,Made in USA):US$236,270.00/boat.
  • If put 2x320HP diesel inboard(Mercury QSD4.2E320,Made in USA):US$259,800.00/boat.
  • If put 2x350HP diesel inboard (Mercury QSD4.2E350,USA):US$271,565.00/boat.
  • If put 2x220KW inboard diesel (without emmision standards):US$200,000.00/boat.
  • If with toilet room, max seats:66.(include 15 at flybridge)
  • Sofa and table instead of passenger seats.
  • Bar
  • 2x500L fuel tank:US$2500.00
  • 44'' TV set:US$2000.00