Water Taxi Passenger Boats

28 Passengers fully enclosed Sightseeing Boat, Price: USD78,500.00 + Engine Includes Global Shipping

   Our 32’ 9.68 river water taxi is perfect for lakes and river excursions. With the bubble cabin your passengers will have and unobstructed view of the scenery as well as being kept safe from the elements. Great small passenger boats for whale watching, or to ferry passengers across inland waterways. The 28 passengers sit comfortably in soft seats with plenty of overhead lighting and optional sir conditioning. Gull wing doors on either side provide quick easy access and exit.

   The hull is a rigid hull inflatable boat designed for light weight, speed and maneuverability. 6 air chambers with double layers of PVC or Hypalon material options included. Your passengers will enjoy a comfortable ride every time. The standard model is not designed for use at sea due to the large Plexiglas bubble cabin was not designed to ride in heavy seas or heavy chop. Be sure to ask for a use at sea option where we make the hull super tough and reinforce the bubble cabin. Your passengers will not find a better protected water taxi than this model with the wiset view without being exposed to the environment.